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How tempting can sexy underwear be?



Have you ever worn a sexy lingerie or bought one for your significant other?
One of the quickest and easiest ways to spice up sex is to get the perfect pair of lingerie.
Someone once said: put on sexy underwear, her boyfriend is destined to be happy.
Fun underwear wear good, night out partying can't run.
So today I will give you some tips on choosing sexy underwear ~
  • Only thin people can wear them?
"I'm not happy with my body. Would it look ugly to wear sexy underwear?"

It's not that some women don't want to wear sexy lingerie, it's that they don't feel confident about themselves. sexy lingerie is more revealing, and women think it's for thin people, but it's actually more sexy for women with bigger bodies
After all, there is thin beauty, there is "Plus size" beauty, and the notion of limiting women, such as body anxiety, should be put aside. No one would say no to a confident woman, dressed in beautiful, sexy clothes and radiating my best glamour. Wear a beautiful sexy underwear to show the person you love, even if there is no devil figure, he will still be fascinated by you.
  • sexy underwear = vulgar?
Has everyone seen the Victoria's Secret Show? Is it fair to call the thongs, stockings and see-through bra worn by Victoria's Secret angels high class lingerie?
But in the eyes of outsiders is not vulgar, each can outline a woman's extreme sex appeal, the heart feels in addition to good or good beauty.
How to choose the appeal underwear that suits oneself
Ordinary sexy underwear is basically no aesthetic feeling, only an ordinary feeling.
In the current concept, erotic underwear is still a disposable item, so people may tend to choose cheaper ones, and even cause skin irritation. However, if you choose the right lingerie, you can reuse it just like everyday clothes
Common sexy lingerie  can be roughly divided into two categories
This design is more acceptable to shy and conservative women as it can also be used as an everyday nightgown. Characteristic is sexy rather than erotic, occasionally careful opportunity to give your dull life lifted some small spark ~
After all, you have to sleep in it, so think about the fabric (ice silk or real silk) when you pick it up, and the first touch will be super smooth.
Choose the short paragraph that collects waist as far as possible at the same time, show waist fine show leg is long, still very convenient lift up directly the thing that make love to do.
Maid outfitstudent outfitnurse outfit, all kinds of uniform temptation. For boys, the most exciting thing is to sleep with the same person, but it looks like a new look every day, which is full of novelty, no man can stand it. If your preferences are similar, choose what you both like. If you have different preferences, please one person at a time.
However, it is important to be aware of the roles that are absolutely unacceptable to both parties, otherwise stepping into a minefield will spoil the fun. For example, some people like the queen, some people hate
Different colors of sexy underwear can also convey different feelings
  • Red give a person visual sense the strongest sense, suit skin white and the female with plump figure, let him easily produce intense sexual impulse and possessive desire.

  • White is the representative color of pure and pure, which is soft and adorable. It can arouse his strong desire for protection and desire for a gentle and romantic lingering.

If you're the lucky guy and your significant other is willing to put on some sexy lingerie for you, all you have to do is praise her, praise her, praise her!

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