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Sexy lingerie selection advanced notes



Sex appeal is the characteristic of appeal underwear, through sexy underwear, through the temptation of if be concealed, let sexual life have passion more. So how to wear sexy underwear?

Today I would like to share with you some advanced wear of sexy underwear.

  • With lining perspective outfit.
Wearing see-through clothes takes sexy lingerie seriously enough to merit any adjective. Because this kind of dress itself is on the "avant-garde" and "vulgar" tightrope. If you don't choose the right lingerie, the results can be disastrous. Generally speaking, at this time the price of underwear of an interest will never be inferior than coat, beautiful and delicate requirements can be worn outside without injuring elegance. In addition, we should pay attention to the color, unbalanced color will appear vulgar ugly, choose the same color line can make sexy underwear and coat complement each other, there is a sense of integration. Of course, cup size is not to be ignored. If the cup is too small and there is a bulge of flesh, that is a terrible thing to see, so be sure to choose the appropriate cup size.
  • With the Chinese dress

The thin quality cheongsam is close to the body, so the choice of sexy underwear can not be ignored. At this moment, the whole body of a slender bundle garment can exhibit glamour. It simultaneously concentrates and lifts the breasts, tightens the belly and hips, and alters all parts of your body. If chest height is not enough, consider a padded style. It should be noted that the Cheongsam is high vents, the introusers should avoid flat feet, choose high crotch type. If you have a full figure, don't go for a style that is too tight, because the briefs on the hips are really unflattering. Wearing a cheongsam without a bra, or wearing half-length stockings with hanging socks, are taboo to wear cheongsam, few people can withstand such a test.

  • Matched with professional clothes or suits

The design of professional clothes and maid suits focuses on the chest and waist lines, so full-body corset or high-side rib corset elongated corset pants should be worn. A pair of cutouts tightens and embellishes the waist, abdomen, thighs and hips. Wearing a bunch of pants or whole body can make the curve exquisite, reveal the beautiful female body, make the wearer ready to increase the self-confidence of the figure, more elegant demeanor.

There are many different types of lingerie, and it is already a more open product, so we will continue to share more blogs about lingerie selection in the future.

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