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How to wear Sexy Lingerie to have better effect



sexy lingerie you may be aware, but a lot of people don't know the classification of lingerie, very confused and very curious. Lingerie can be divided into uniform appeal, SM, garters, jumpsuits, toning, exposed breasts, interest dresses, fun underwear, etc...
"Sexy Lingerie" is a kind of sex toys, a lot of girls in order to lure boys will also take this way, but men are also very happy to see women wearing like this, so can arouse their desire, so how to wear the "lingerie" effect?
What lingerie styles
A lot of people don't know the classification of lingerie, confused and curious, now for everyone to parse lingerie design general classification, reveal sexy alternative index. Different people can choose according to their different preferences for their unique lingerie, bring more interest for their husband and wife life.
1. Sexy Roleplay
And can be subdivided into studentsthe maidnurse, a flight attendant, the witch and a series of named after the character clothing apparel. The style mainly reflects the character characteristics of this occupation, the pure and lively of students, the cold and cruel of wizards, and the clever and considerate of nurses, aiming to make people get rid of the role in life, follow one's incline, stimulate the desire to conquer, and enter the passion temple in dreams. In recent years, fun uniforms have also been gradually used in many exhibitions.

Spice uniform: sexy index: ★★★★☆, alternative index: ★★★★☆

2. SM is installed
SM originated from the European aristocracy with an unknown history. The word sadomasochism is a portmanteau of sadism and masochism, derived from the names of The French writer Saad and the Austrian writer Mosauk. SM is a sexual game in which both parties agree to achieve pleasure through pain. In sadomasochistic relationships, one partner plays the role of the abuser and the other the victim. In sadomasochism, there is a sense of losing yourself, of merging with your sexual partner, of merging with the universe, of combining pain with pleasure, and of reaching the state of "ecstasy:". The SM suit is the costume of the sadomasochistic character.

SM outfit: sexy index: ★★★★★, alternative index, ★★★★★
3. Garters
The garter belt was originally designed to be a fastening that was fastened to the top of the garter by a ribbon or elastic band, with the upper end attached to the button-like hem of the girdle or girdle to prevent the garter from slipping off. Elastic belt makes the upper body and stockings connected, in the high skirt is placed under the flicker flicker, sexy and noble. In recent years, fashion stage designers have repeatedly exposed the garter belt, and it is not uncommon for the garter belt to fly around fashion shows

garter: Sexy index: ★★★☆☆, alternative index: ★★★☆☆
4.Sexy Nightdress

Have long skirt and short skirt, because its highlight "appeal", it is the center with sex appeal, and distinguish at common skirt kind dress, basically behave have: highlight transparent, coquettish bud silk lacy, or show breast, or decorative pattern design highlights haggard. Generally worn with the same underwear or g-string.
Sexy Nightdress: sexy index: ★★★★☆, alternative index: ★★★☆☆

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