Sexy Lingerie primary selection strategy


Sexy Lingerie primary selection strategy

A lot of people have been asking

Wanted to spice things up a little bit with sex

Where do you start

The quickest and easiest way to do this is

A set of sexy underwear

It's just a simple visual change

You can have a completely different feeling

I'm going to share some with you today

Tips for choosing sexy underwear

This time, we're talking about lingerie.


  • Integral collocation
    1. The first step is to understand each other's preferences:If your preferences are similar, just pick something you both like. If you have different preferences, satisfy one person at a time. But we should pay attention to also want to make clear that both sides absolutely cannot accept, very lost interest, such as some boys like stockings, but some feel can not accept, like this situation will be excluded first.
    2. The second is not to stick to the original suit.For example, a corset bra can be worn with stockings or a thong. A three-point suit can be worn alone, over a shirt or robe, or with stockings.
    3. Again, be clear about what you want: Role-playing basic preferred uniform; The shirt is casual and convenient, relatively small and fresh; Stockings sexy mature, more suitable for strong control; Nightdress languid lazy showily, Three-point style with large exposed area is more suitable for interior or warm and direct atmosphere.
    4. Finally, show your body:It's hard not to feel bad about our bodies. But I think there is always a relatively satisfied place. So when choosing sexy underwear, it's important to choose products that show off your satisfaction and make you feel more confident during sex.
  • If you want to show long legs, the first choice should be hanging socks, some hanging socks with waist straps, very can raise the waist line. In the choice of upper body, whether slightly fat or small breasts can choose a corset bra. A corset bra will tighten your stomach, bring your breasts together, and tighten your waist and lift your hips, but it's a little tiring.
  • Of course, a nightdress is also an option. A loose one that just covers your panties, or one with an irregular hem but a high waist, are great for showing off your long legs.
  • If you want to show big boobs, you can go with bra and just show the curves of your boobs, like the bra strap.
  • Show the beauty of the back, do not recommend three-point type, because this exposed area is too large, but will not focus on the back. You can usually choose a big or half back nightdress with the rest of the dress covered and only the back exposed for sexy. Or a bra with a back strap and a plain nightdress with a big halter is perfectly OK.

In fact, the core appeal of "sexy underwear" is aesthetic and imagination. There is no limit behind it. What kind of clothes can be sexy underwear in some circumstances.

Understand the underwear of interest of various types more, find the advantage of the body, try more, can find suit oneself slowly.

Of course, I believe that every body has the aesthetic feeling like art more, although wearing appeal underwear is to increase the small appeal between sweethearts, but more important is in such a display, accept his body, appreciate his body.

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