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How to choose sex toys for women?


When it comes to sex toys, many people may still think about sex change, but with the development of society and times, sex toys have entered daily life.Today to tell you about the knowledge of sex toys, may be useful to you .

The first is the product category

General sex toys can be divided into six categories of high, middle and low grades, with thousands of products. For example, the internationally famous brand Durex has hundreds of series, including contraception, sex, delay, health care, appliances and SN.

Subdivided words, can be divided into the following kinds:

Electric shock egg (jump egg): the simplest electric principle, have vibrate function, make a small ball object vibrate, can increase interest, adjust excitement, and have certain masturbation effect, and can be controlled, belong to anal Yin double use products.

Electric simulation appliance: its appearance and true sex implement it doesn't matter difference, and more beautiful, the function is richer also. As a result of material quality problem, it still can have all sorts of color, all sorts of size size, you can buy according to your actual situation according to your need to use.

Delay ring: give women multiple care, give men a longer time of interest, in the shape of a thumb on the comfort device, plus a soft thorn, so that women are more happy.
Flirting set: includes thickened and crystal sets with various functional designs, massage sticks, double shock eggs and time-delay rings, combined with a bottle of advanced human lubricant to achieve unprecedented stimulation.
Erotic underwear: it is a product of visual stimulation and sexual love. It is the product of satisfying spiritual needs after the improvement of human material life. The more accurate name of erotic underwear in China should be erotic clothing, which is a product between Huirun underwear and clothing. Like many adult products, erotic underwear has been very popular in Europe and the United States, but it has only been accepted by the public in China in the past two years. It can be foreseen that with the improvement of domestic material life, underwear of interest will gradually move towards ordinary people's homes. Erotic underwear is a derivative of underwear, different from conventional underwear, its focus tends to be "sexy", the formation of visual stimulation, so as to achieve physiological stimulation of various senses.
Condom: condom is usually everyone said condom also called health cover, insurance cover, with non-drug form to prevent pregnancy, is one of the most widely used adult things. Modern condoms are usually made of natural rubber or polyurethane. As a contraceptive, condoms are relatively easy to use and have no side effects compared to other methods of contraception. The contraceptive success rate is generally 97 percent, and 98 percent can be achieved by specially trained users. The correct use of condoms is particularly important. Condoms in various forms are constantly improving to give people different feelings, and the red-tail concept successfully challenged the Bill And Gates Foundation's great Adventure to create the thinnest condom.

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