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How to Choose Appropriate Sexy Stockings?


 In my last post, I shared some tips on how to choose sexy underwear, and in this post, I will continue to share them with you.

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Of course, a nightdress is also an option. A loose one that just covers your panties, or one with an irregular hem but a high waist, are great for showing off your long legs.

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If you want to show big breasts, choose bra, you can rest assured to choose bra, as long as the curve of the breast is displayed, such as breast band, if you choose breast band, it looks very fleshy/sensual. 💋

If you are not particularly satisfied with the waist, you can also choose this kind of gauze.

Small chest sister can also boldly show chest, small chest also has small chest sexy, as long as not forced support, choose to fit not empty cup bra on the line.

A half cup of tulle is especially good. The front button is also very friendly to small-breasted girls, and the gathering effect is obvious.

Show the beauty of the back, do not recommend three-point type, because this exposed area is too large, but will not focus on the back. You can usually choose a big or half back nightdress with the rest of the dress covered and only the back exposed for sexy. Or a bra with a back strap and a plain nightdress with a big halter is perfectly OK.😘

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In fact, the core appeal of "sexy underwear" is aesthetic and imagination. There is no limit behind it. What kind of clothes can be sexy underwear in some circumstances.

Understand the sexy underwear of interest of various types more, find the advantage of the body, try more, can find suit oneself slowly.

Of course, I believe that every body has the aesthetic feeling like art morealthough wearing appeal underwear is to increase the small appeal between sweethearts, but more important is in such a display, accept his body, appreciate his body. 😍🥰😘 

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