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How do girls choose the right Sexy Toys?



With the progress of The Times, there are more and more sex toys and they are more and more popular. More and more people begin to choose and use sex toys. In fact, sex toys have existed for a long time in history. In the early days, people tried to use wood or other metal parts to make sex toys. However, nowadays, there are more and more sex toys and many kinds of sex toys. This time I will share with you some sex toys that women use.

Category 1: Vibrating Egg (Getting started)😘😘

In fact,Vibrating Egg is the best choice for beginners👍, because many sisters are not ready to enter the body, vibrating eggs can be your first toy to open the door to a new world. It does not require you to have much good skills, the contact area is relatively large, do not need to deliberately look for sensitive points, many small white first use can achieve better results.
Most girls only need external use, not only the psychological threshold is low, the risk of cutting themselves is also reduced. The high frequency tungsten steel motor vibrates continuously, will be much more comfortable than the hand.
Pay attention to the following points when purchasing:
  • Choose silica gel materia.Silicone material toys touch more skin-friendly, do not be greedy to choose those plastic ABS material, silicone surface is closer to human skin, moderate temperature, friction is slightly larger, has a certain elasticity. The intimacy with the skin is not a plastic or metal toy.
Appropriate size, diameter should not exceed 3cm as far as possible
  • Small eggs have enough room for the right Angle, so a 2.8cm diameter egg is suitable for beginners.
  • The grain should not be too complex.Overly complex lines do not improve the experience, but are more likely to breed bacteria and make it difficult to clean.
  • Tungsten steel motor has more penetration.Good quality toys use tungsten steel vibration motors, which not only give a strong shock, but also a very penetrating shock.

Category 2: Sucking Toys (Advanced)😍😍

In the past two years, the most popular sucking toys can be said to be fried chicken. The biggest feature of this kind of toy is the small mouth that can 👅, and the sound wave generated by sucking can achieve the purpose of pleasing sensitive spots.

This kind of toy requires the user to have a little foundation, need to master their own external sensitive points, we often say beans.

A lot of girls may not be able to find, or not as strong as the legend of the first time to use, a large part of the reason is that you have not mastered their point, and in order to produce strong sucking force, the diameter of the sucking mouth of these products is usually only a little more than 1 cm. So you need to use the sucking mouthpiece to find your sensitive spots.

Shopping suggestions:
  • The sucking mouth should be soft enough

As mentioned above, the "suck joy" toy needs to accurately find the doudou to play its maximum energy, and the doudou will become very sensitive due to the hyperemic expansion. If you suck the mouth hard, you will feel pain and discomfort, and the experience will be greatly reduced.

  • The sucking mouth should not be too deep

Sucking on a small mouth is more likely to hide stains, and you need to clean it before and after use with a cotton swab. But be careful not to exert too much force, that place is often weak, easily damaged, don't ask me why I know, because I already broke one!!
  • Buy the one that sucks and vibrates

As stated above, sucking need very accurate find doug, and usually a lot of sisters can accurately find at the beginning, this time we can use that end with the function of vibration (some jump egg and some vibrators) to find out first, because there was so much shake the contact area, to find the feeling after using the sucking side, This is a much better gradual experience, and you can even use both functions at the same time.


Category 3: How to make the experience of small toys better?✌️✌️

The answer is: Proper lubrication!

Do you look at this and sniff, I'm too young to need this?
In fact, whether with your partner or for personal pleasure, using lubrication is a self-loving act.😏
In fact, now the general pressure is relatively large, in fact, sometimes it is really not so fast and easy to wet, this time if directly on the toy will have a sense of discomfort, and the first use of lubrication can completely avoid this.It will help you get into the groove faster.
Finally: How to clean sex toys?
Let's clear up a few myths:
  • The surface of most sex toys is made of silica gel. Do not use boiling water, do not use boiling water, do not use boiling water, do not use boiling water, will damage the surface material!
  •  Alcohol can be used to disinfect, but after alcohol disinfection, you need to clean with water. If alcohol remains in the Y channel, it will destroy the vaginal flora, which is not good for the body!Because the toy is made of silica gel material, the use of special toy cleaning liquid cleaning is the best, because the special toy cleaning liquid does not contain alcohol, the use of special sterilizing formula for silica gel material, and spray on the surface of the toy will not cause damage to the silica gel surface.

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